South Fraser AAA Girls Championships

Monday, May 9th - Play in Games

Game 1 - LA Matheson (#8) vs Delta (#9) @ South Surrey Athletic Turf #9 (LA Matheson 3 Delta 2)
Game 2 - Salish (#7) vs Sullivan Heights (#10) @ South Surrey Athletic Turf #10 (Salish 4 Sullivan Heights 0)

Wednesday, May 11th

Game 3 - Fraser Heights (#1) vs LA Matheson (#8) @ Fraser Heights Secondary (Fraser Heights 4 LA Matheson 0)
Game 4 - Elgin Park (#4) vs Fleetwood Park (#5) @ South Surrey Athletic Turf #8 (Elgin Park 2 Fleetwood Park 0)
Game 5 - McMath (#3) vs Panorama Ridge (#6) @ Hugh Boyd Turf (McMath 4 Panorama Ridge 1)
Game 6 - South Delta (#2) vs Salish (#7) @ Winskill Park Turf (South Delta 7 Salish 0)

Monday, May 16th

Game 7 - Fraser Heights vs Elgin Park @ Fraser Heights Secondary (Fraser Heights 2 Elgin Park 0)
Game 8 - South Delta vs McMath @ Winskill Park (South Delta 4 McMath 2)
Game 9 - Fleetwood Park vs LA Matheson @ Fleetwood Park Secondary (Fleetwood Park 4 LA Matheson 1)
Game 10 - Panorama Ridge vs Salish @ Newton Athletic Park (Salish Forfeit)

Wednesday, May 18th

Game 11 - McMath vs Fleetwood Park @ Hugh Boyd Red (McMath 4 Fleetwood Park 0)
Game 12 - Elgin Park vs Panorama Ridge @ SSAP Turf #3 (Elgin Park 2 Panorama Ridge 1 OT)

Thursday, May 19th

Game 13 - Fraser Heights vs South Delta (Fraser Heights 0 South Delta 3)
Game 14 - McMath vs Elgin Park (McMath 3 Elgin Park 0)

South Fraser Soccer Draw

South Fraser Secondary School Soccer

Playoff Rules 2022

  1. The South Fraser Zone has been awarded ONE berth to the A Provincial Championships, TWO berths to the AA Provincial Championships, and FOUR berths to the AAA Provincial Championships – the dates for A and AA Provincials are June 2nd-4th and the AAA Provincials are June 1st-3rd. The A tournament is being hosted by Credo Christian @ Aldergrove Athletic Park, the AA tournament is being hosted by Archbishop Carney @ Burnaby Lake West, and the AAA tournament is being hosted by Salish Secondary @ Cloverdale Athletic.

  2. All games will kickoff at 3:00 sharp unless the home team needs to change the time for specific reasons. Also, teams may change their home fields if it is not playable. If that’s the case, the home team needs to contact both the coordinator and opposing coach on the new location.

    1. It is the home teams responsibility to find an alternate location to play if their field is not playable.

    2. If the home team is unable to find a second location the home team must travel to the visiting teams home pitch if it is playable.

    3. If option “B” is not possible the visiting team has the option to try and find an alternate pitch.

    4. The game will have to be played the following day if all of the above options are exhausted.

  3. Games played are to be two halves of 40 minutes. If the game is tied, two seven and a half overtime periods will be played; there is no golden goal. If the game is still tied after the two overtime periods, penalty kicks will decide the winner.

  4. In case referees are slow in reporting their scores, please email all results to Brent Sweeney - ASAP on the day of the game. All results will be on our website the same night. The website is:

  5. All games in the championship must be played. The 3rd /4th place games at AAA will affect the draw for Provincials and must be played. Any forfeit during South Fraser play will result in a $100 fine. As the host berth, if Salish finishes in the top 4 of the South Fraser Championships, a 5th and 6th place game will need to be played in order to determine our final berth. If Salish does not finish in the top 4, the 5th and 6th place game will not be played.

  6. The higher seed is the home team throughout the tournament. The home team is responsible for preparing the field(lined, corner flags and nets up a minimum of 20 minutes before game time).

  7. Games played in Richmond will have their referees scheduled by Doug Newstead and games played in Delta/Surrey will have their referees scheduled by Walter Vettoretti.

  8. All teams are required to bring to EACH GAME their team STARS roster, including jersey #’s to give to the referee and opposing coach. Please double check your rosters now. Any junior players moving up to senior will be ineligible for junior South Fraser Championship play and must be moved up to your senior STARS roster prior to playing.

  1. Dates for the championships will be as follows:

AAA - May 9th - 19th

AA - May 9th - 19th